Web Video Highlights How Barley Elevator Keeps Workers Safe

Web Video Highlights How Barley Elevator Keeps Workers Safe

Video shows Montana focus on worker safety in barley elevator.

A new web video shows how Montana's MillerCoors elevators keep workers and farmers safe while handling malting barley.

Combustible grain, 30-ton semi-trucks, and moving rail cars are just a few of the safety hazards elevator workers and farmers at the MillerCoors Barley Operations in Huntley, Mont., face every day as they handle grain for beer making.

An effort to work safe is not only making sure that the brewery continues to produce a quality product, but assure they do so as safely as possible.

In a new web video called Setting the Gold Standard at http://www.youtube.com/user/WorkSafeMT, MillerCoors employees at the barley elevator tell their stories on how they are committed to working safely and making sure workers and farmers go home at the end of the day without harm.

WorkSafeMT, the organization dedicated to improving Montana's workplace safety record, produced the four-minute video.

"Farmers and elevator employees are some of the hardest workers around," says George Kochman, WorkSafeMT program manager "We want to show the agricultural community an example of how workplace safety can be integrated with the same dedication to producing the highest quality product."

In recognition of its safety program, the MillerCoors elevator is considered a "star" site in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Voluntary Protection Program.

The VPP acknowledges employers and workers who have gone above and beyond OSHA's standard rules and guidelines and implemented safety and health management systems that maintain injury and illness rates below national averages.

The program recognizes businesses and agencies that focus on preventing fatalities, injuries and illness through hazard prevention and control, worksite analysis, training, management commitment and worker involvement.

"At our elevator, managers and employees come together to solve safety concerns and issues," says Wade Malchow, group manager of brewing materials for MillerCoors Barley Operations.

"We use our safety management system to make sure workers are educated on all hazards and taught to be vocal about pointing them out. For each safety concern, we have specific tools and protocols in place to prevent injuries."

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