The Creamery is a new retail store
AIMING FOR CONSUMERS: The Creamery is a new retail store to be built in Beaver City, Utah. It builds on a retail tradition at the Dairy Farmers of America plant in that town and will offer visitors a chance not only to buy more dairy products, but also learn about the industry.

New Utah store to promote dairy products

Dairy Farmers of America is building a new retail operation in Beaver City, Utah, to upgrade the customer experience.

The dairy business has been under pressure lately. Consumers see “milk” and they don’t always think cow’s milk. Yet the industry has a solid story to tell from a nutrition and environmental standpoint. And the Dairy Farmers of America, a national cooperative owned by family farmers, knows it.

To expand work to not only market dairy products, but also tell the story of today’s modern farm businesses, DFA has broken ground on a new retail store in Beaver City, Utah. It’s calling the new store The Creamery, which will replace the existing cheese store currently on the site of DFA’s Beaver City processing plant.

The store, when it opens later in 2018, will offer 11,250 square feet of space, and it’s in a prime location near the intersection of two interstate highways — I-15 and I-70. The new store expands retail space fourfold over the previous store and offers more retail space to expand product selection. In addition, DFA plans to have an interactive, educational experience about dairy for visitors. DFA shared in a media statement that greater visibility near Interstate 15 should increase consumer traffic and sales.

In announcing the new operation, Dennis Rodenbugh, senior vice president and operating offer for DFA’s Western Fluid Group, notes that the cooperative’s farmers are “proud of the dairy products they produce each and every day, and The Creamery will reflect this by bringing the freshness of the farm and the Utah region to life, as all the milk comes from local farms and is processed into cheese just steps away from the store right here in Beaver City.”

He adds that the facility will not be “your typical convenience stop along the highway.” Instead, the design incorporates natural woods and metals, which provide a connection to the farm. “The Creamery will be a dairy destination and perfectly on trend with what consumers today are looking for, which is knowing where their food comes from.”

What’s at The Creamery
Visitors to The Creamery will have access to a range of dairy products including cheese curds, artisanal cheeses, ice cream, convenience items and more. The new location will also feature a full-service café that serves breakfast and lunch. Menu items will include fresh made sandwiches and other dairy-based selections showcasing the cheeses made at the DFA Beaver City plant — which has been in operation in the area for more than 60 years.

The city and state are also excited about the new facility. Beaver City Mayor Matt Robinson says that the town is excited about continuing its long-standing relationship with DFA: “Both the plant and cheese store have been incredibly positive for our community, and we look forward to creating even more local business with The Creamery.”

The state of Utah offered support through the governor’s office with a $50,000 fast-track grant to help fund The Creamery. The new location is anticipated to create jobs for about 10 new employees, in addition to the 12 employees who will move to the new space from the existing store.

Source: Dairy Farmers of America

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